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Here are some of my favorite local earring artisans

Dana Daley
3 min readMay 15, 2023
Photo by Michael Walk on Unsplash

I live in Ottawa, Canada. We get a lot of snow, so we wear coats and serviceable boots for a large portion of the year. Once spring arrives, I throw aside my lounging clothes and throw open the doors of my closet to put on more fashionable items.

That’s not true. I am an elementary school teacher, so I wear washable and comfortable clothing always. But! I do like to wear funky earrings. You might say I have an addiction. I also love to shop locally, so I routinely check out Flock Boutique in Ottawa, Ontario. There are four jewelry designers I think you need to check out. I ogle their wares in person and online routinely. Please believe me when I say I am not receiving any kickbacks for promoting these designers although I do know one of the owners of Flock Boutique. She is lovely. We are not close friends. Writing this article simply gives me another excuse to look at their websites and screen-shop. Before looking at these wearable art pieces, make sure you put your credit card in a block of ice in the freezer. It is a struggle for me to look at these items without wanting to sell all of my furniture and my car in order to finance my earring habit. Without further preamble, let’s check them out.

Darlings of Denmark This simple line of beautiful jewelry is classic. I covet it all, especially of course, the earrings. Flock Boutique has many items from their older lines which I suggest you check out pronto. I don’t own a pair yet because I can’t decide which ones to choose. It’s hell, really.

photo from Flock Boutique website — earrings by Darlings of Denmark

Flourish Stonewear Like the name indicates, this jewelry is handmade ceramic and porcelain jewelry. Even the description sounds beautiful and elegant. I feel like a queen when I wear mine. Here is a picture of my pair. Oo la la!

photo by author — earrings by Flourish Stonewear

Kazak MTL This company makes clothes, leather bags, and jewelry just outside of Montreal. The items this artist makes are so cool it hurts. Seriously, just look at the website. I challenge you to deny the coolness factor.

photo by author — earrings by Kazak MTL

Lost Thread Weaving Absolutely every item from this artist is intricate and gorgeous. Just thinking about the amount of work hours and the level of patience required to create these delicious creations awes me.

photo from Flock Boutique website — earrings by Lost Thread Weaving

Even during the dead of winter, I can wear long, dangly earrings. Having said that, I sometimes find it challenging to do so when I am wearing a warm toque outside during recess supervision duty. The earrings get caught in my hat and then I get stressed about the security of my beloved earrings. That is why I get so excited, you see, about the spring weather when I no longer have to don a cozy head covering. Since these jewelers make small batches, you know few other people will have the same item. That factor makes the wearable art that much more special, and it is another reason why I love springtime when the hats come off and I can show off my earrings!



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